Final Report

Humboldt-Kolleg  São Paulo

 “Limits and Interfaces in Science”

Itaú Cultural,   Av. Paulista, 149
November, 28-30   2009

Marisa Amato
 Marisa Campos Moraes Amato, MD, PhD
 President of the Brazil Humboldt Club


Important Considerations

The theme "Limits and Interfaces in Science" was carefully chosen to arouse interest from different scientific research areas and to offer researchers the opportunity to share their questions with people from other science fields, with other ways of reasoning.
More than a hundred participants ( 119 ) presented their researches at this meeting. It is a great number and I was very proud about this manifestation of interest.
I am also very pleased to declare that all the congressists were contacted exclusively through the Internet. I didn’t write a single letter by regular mail, all our correspondence was by electronic mail.   This was really fantastic! All these people are already inter connected.
Some fifteen years ago, while I was working in Germany with the support of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, I had my first contact with this ecologic responsibility we hear so often nowadays. The experience from that time inspired me to come up with the ecologic badge we used in this meeting. A sample piece of paper mix with seeds that with a good care could become a tree. It was the gift our Humboldt Kolleg gave to the congressist to bring them some memories of this meeting as well as improve life on our planet.

You can see the Kolleg Pictures at this link


We had 186 people applied to attend the congress, but 152  ( 82% ) were present.


Scientific research area

We had 61 ( 40%) from Biologic Science, 61 ( 40%) from Human Science and 30 ( 20%) from Exact Science.


Research from different regions

Scientific Programme

Limits and Interfaces in Science

Saturday 28-11­2009

13,00 – 17,00h Registration

18,00 - 19,30h

Welcoming Conferences

Golden Tulip Hotel
Al. Santos, 85 Paraíso

Host: Marisa Campos Moraes Amato

Carola Bruhn
Cultural Consul
Paulo Carlos Kaminski
Opportunities offered by Humboldt Foundation
Gerhard Jacob
Co-operation in Science and Technology between Brazil and Germany in the past 40 years
Bertram Heinze
The German House of Science and Innovation São Paulo

Sunday 29-11­2009

Itaú Cultural - Av. Paulista, 149

Red Room  English language

8,00 ‐ 10,00h
Host – Bruno König Júnior
Coordinator: Paulo Carlos Kaminski
Debater: Carlos Frederico de Oliveira Graeff
1-Bruno König Júnior e Sérgio Allegrini Júnior
Application of different materials in boné implantology
2-Oren Smaletz
New Perspectives in Cancer Therapy
3-Marcos Lopes e Alfredo José Mansur
Linguistic contributions towards the selection of relevant information in clinical interviews
4-Francisco Rafael Martins Laurindo
Mechanisms and consequences of oxidative stress in cardiovascular diseases
5-Nythamar Fernandes de Oliveira
Lebenswelt and reflexive Democracy in Habermas and Honneth
6-Carlos Gilberto Carlotti Junior
Pos graduation and research in Surgery
10,00 – 10,15 h Coffee break
10,15 – 12,15h
Host: Bruno König Júnior
Coordinator: Karl Heinz Kienitz
Debater: Sérgio Allegrini Júnior
1-Marco Aurelio de Paoli
Low environmental impact polymers
2-Débora Gozzo
Bioethics and the right to live
3-Leonardo de Souza Menezes
Controlling light and matter confined in nanoscale
4-Carlos Frederico de Oliveira Graeff
Materials Science
5-Guilherme Nakiri
Perspective in Interventional Radiology
6-Yuri Pusep
Disorder induced delocalization-localization transition of plasmons.
12,15 – 13,45h Lunch
13,45h – 14,45h Poster Papers Discussions
14,45 ‐ 16,45 h
Host: Paulo Carlos Kaminski
Coordinator – Sérgio Allegrini Júnior
Debater – Alexandre Campos Moraes Amato
1-Ana Lúcia Cetertich Bazzan
What Artificial Intelligence has to do with Traffic?
2-Roland Koberle
Sensory systems as efficient analog to digital converters
3-Tereza Mendes
Lattice QCD: simulating quarks on a computer
4-João Porto de Albuquerque
The Challenge of Transdisciplinarity in Information Systems Research
5--Paulo Paes de Andrade
The Whirl Network: An on-line resource on Biology, Health and Environment information for Brazilian Northeast Universities
6-Paulo Fernando Papaleo Fichtner
Nanostructuring Films and Interfaces for Nano-photonics and eletronics
7- Ruth Hinrichs
Nano-characterization applied to tribosurfaces: What happens when you hit the brakes
16,45 – 17 h Coffee break
17,00 ‐ 19,00 h
Host: Bruno König Junior
Coordinator  - Sílvio Renato Dahmen
Debater - Marcelo Campos Moraes Amato
1- Ceci Mendes Carvalho Lopes
Hormone replacement therapy. Does aging limit therapeutic benefits?
2-Tim Cordes - Germany
Reproductive Medicine – an update
3-Ricardo Santos de Oliveira
Perspectives in Pediatric Neurosurgery: In pursuit of excellence
4-Sílvio Renato Dahmen
Can history teach us how to make science?
5-Marcius Benigno Marques dos Santos
The Treatment of Intracranial Meningiomas.
6-Maurício Kfuri Júnior
Computer Assisted Surgery - the future is now

Monday 30-11­2009

Itaú Cultural  Av. Paulista, 149

Room I   Amphitheater – English Language

8,00 -9,30h
Host: Bruno König Junior
Coordinator- Silvio Renato Dahmen
Debater – Marcelo Campos Moraes Amato
1-Eduardo Henrique de Rose
Gene doping
2-Carlos Alberto Affonso Ferreira
Plastic surgery in the new world
3-Antonio Herbert Lancha Jr.
How age better with exercise?
4-Roberto Costa
Electronic cardiac devices: prevention of arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death Which is the limits for its use?
5-Fábio Xerfan Nahas
Abdominoplasty in perspective
9,30 – 9,45h Coffee break
9,45 – 11,45h
Host- Marisa Campos Moraes Amato
Coordinator Bruno König Junior
Debater – Guilherme Nakiri
1-Noedir Antonio Groppo Stolf
The future of heart transplantation in Brazil
2-Alexandre Campos Moraes Amato
Multimodality Medical Images post-processing: role of open-source 
3 -Gioacchino Coppi - Italy
Moma cerebral protection system
4-Marcelo Campos Moraes Amato
Brain Machine Interfaces
11,45 – 13,00h Lunch
13,30h – 14,30h  - Poster Papers Discussions
14,30- 16,30h
Host – Eduardo Harry Birgel
Coordinator - Karl Heinz Kienitz
Debater – Alexandre Campos Moraes Amato
1-Hüseyin  Ince  -  Germany
Advances and Perspectives in Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Therapy
2-Eulógio Emílio Martinez Filho
The endovascular therapy impact in the coronary disease
3-Bonno van Bellen
Evolution of vascular substitutes
4-Paulo Henrique Aguiar
Basilar tip aneurysms. Which is the ideal approach?
5-Carlos Otávio Corso
Topical Hypothermia plus ischemic preconditioning: Liver injuries, hepatic function and oxidant defenses at initial reperfusion in rats
6-Ivan Torres Pisa
Scientific Research on Health and Biomedical Informatics
16,30 – 16,45h Coffee break
16,45 - 18,45 h
Host - Erwin Theodor Rosenthal
Coordinator – Sérgio Allegrini Júnior
Debater – Paulo Astor Soethe
1--Flávia C. Piovesan
Social Rights: Protection at the Global and Regional Human Rights Systems
2-Vicente Marota Rangel
Hamburg and the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea
3-Peter Christian Hackspacher
Modeling the earth surface evolution using physical parameters registered on rocks: toll for the prospecting of different ores
4-Klaus Hartfelder
Eco-Evo-Devo - do we need a new "Modern Synthesis" in evolutionary biology?
5-Francisco Marshall
Boundaries of trans disciplinary

Room II  - Red Room 
8,00-10,00h - German Language

Host- Erwin Theodor Rosenthal
Coordinator – Paulo Carlos Kaminski
Debater – Paulo Astor Soethe
1-Paulo Astor Soethe
Quellenorientierte Forschung in der Literaturwissenschaft: Legitimation und Geltung im sozialen und akademischen Diskurs
2-Karl Heinz Kienitz
Multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and trans disciplinary: brief report of some
3-João Maurício Adeodato
Rhetorik als Methodik der jurisprudenz
4-Erwin Theodor Rosenthal
Ein deutsches Bild Brasiliens aus Zeiten seiner Unabhängigkeit
5-Horst Domdey - Germany   
Uwe Tellkamps Roman "Der Turm"
6-Isabella Tardin Cardoso
Theatrum mundi als Paradigm des Wissens in Ciceros Werk
10,00- 10,15h Coffee break
10,15 – 12,15h - Portuguese Language
Host - Eduardo Harry Birgel
Coordinator- Karl Heinz Kienitz
Debater – Marcos Galan Morillo
1-Josué Souto Maior Mussalem
A crise econômica no Brasil 
2--Paulo Lara Lavítola
A Problemática da anticoagulação no Brasil
3-Jair Barboza
Animal ethics in scientific experiments
4- Augusto Hiroshi Uchida
Limites normais do eletrocardiograma
5- Vania Gomes Zuin
The inclusion of environmental concept in training chemical professionals
6--Jayme de Oliveira Filho
Os limites da cosmiatria na dermatologia
7-Lilian Schafirovits
A memória e o envelhecimento
12,15 – 13,30h Lunch
13,30h – 14,30h
Poster Papers Discussions
14,30 – 16,30h - Portuguese Language
Host – Paulo Carlos Kaminski
Coordinator – Sérgio Allegrini Júnior
Debater – Marcos Galan Morillo
1-Antonio Walter Ribeiro de Barros Junior
Projeto de ensino da língua, literatura e cultura alemã aos alunos da Terceira Idade
2-Marcos Rojo
Yoga e Educação Física
3-João Tomas do Amaral
Aplicação dos jogos no desenvolvimento do raciocínio
4-Juarez Moraes Avelar
O limite da Beleza
5-Marcelo Augusto Leal Alves
Novidades em Engenharia mecânica
6-Rozeane Luppino
Terapia genética e o futuro da medicina moderna
16,30 – 16,45h Coffee break
16,45 – 18,45h - Portuguese Language
Host – Bruno König Junior
Coordinator – Salvador José de Toledo Arruda Amato
Debater – Marcos Galan Morillo
1-Luis Felipe de Oliveira Costa
Revisão do papel das neurotrofinas no transtorno do humor bipolar
2-André dos Santos Costa
Limite eficiente da alimentação suplementar
3-Marcelo Luis Marquezi
Associação de Jejum e Atividade Física:implicações sobre
a oxidação de substratos
4-Samuel Pfromm Netto
Uma ciência jovem a caminho da maturidade: a psicologia
5-Juliana Lelis Spirandeli Amato
Limites éticos na reprodução humana
6-Marco Antonio de Paula
A Fibrose Cística no Brasil
Poster Papers Discussions


Coordinator – Sérgio Allegrini Júnior
Debater – Marcos Galan Morillo
                    Rozeane Luppino
                    Paulo Astor Soethe


Coordinator – Paulo Kaminsk
Debater – Marcos Galan Morillo
                    Alcides Ribeiro
                    Karl Heinz Kienitz
Social Programme

Welcoming reception
Congress Dinner

Happy Hour