The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation is extending the Georg Forster Research Fellowship Programme in Tanzania and would be grateful for your support

Dear Humboldtians,
The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation is delighted to announce that it will continue enhancing its commitment to development cooperation in the coming years. The number of Georg Forster research fellowships granted annually will be increased, thus enabling even more highly qualified researchers from threshold and developing countries to come to Germany for an extended research stay. In order to reach this important goal we would like to ask you for your support in promoting the benefits associated with a Georg Forster research fellowship in the scientific community in Brazil.
Georg Forster research fellowships offer highly qualified researchers from threshold and developing countries the opportunity to come to Germany in order to carry out a research project of relevance to development policy together with a host and collaborative partner. The programme reinforces the mutual transfer of knowledge and technologies and also takes into account the frequently more difficult circumstances for conducting research in threshold and developing countries. Please note that individuals who have already received sponsorship from the Humboldt Foundation in the form of a fellowship or award are not entitled to apply for this fellowship.
The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation is convinced that Brazil has a large number of potentially qualified applicants for this programme. In order to reach out to the younger generation of researchers in Brazil more effectively we are dependant on your experience as experts on the spot. Your insights into the research landscape as well as your knowledge of influential and relevant networks and platforms for scientific debate, science policy and exchange are important to us in order to offer targeted information to the relevant groups of young and talented researchers. We should therefore be very grateful if you would take some time to answer the questions below:
· Which media outlets in Brazil would you recommend for placing a call for applications?
· Can you name suitable websites or online portals in Brazil that focus on scientific topics or offer general information about scientific exchange and sponsorship which the Humboldt-Foundation should use to disseminate information on its sponsorship opportunities?
· Which universities and research institutions should the Humboldt Foundation target when circulating information about its sponsorship programmes in Brazil?
Of course we shall be more than happy to keep you informed about any further plans to promote the Georg Forster research fellowships in Brazil.
I should like to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance in this matter.
Dr. Meike Huntebrinker
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